Hello all people…
Well you maybe noticed that our page went slowly
so i rebooted our server and it never started again.This happened because of our lovely hated MAXTOR harddrive died.
So the last couple days i strougled to recove all data on the harddrive and somehow
i managed to take backup of everything.
The main page is up and running. FORUM IS ALSO UP AND RUNNIG. We really are sorry for this
accident but hey we never know. We have now donations to buy a new harddrive as backup
thanx to you guys
So enjoy once more staying here.
This 120Gb Samsung is donated by Swedish computer company PC Agenten

Finalmente kbfx.org e’ tornato online..anche se non credo abbiano ripristinato i vari blog..dove mi sa che purtroppo e’ rimasto ben poco ormai..:(

Last Kbfx

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