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File manager antagonista(?) di konqueror nel prossimo kde4..staremo a vedere

Tante le funzionalita’ che vengono aggiunte abbastanza livello e’ molto buono

Assolutamente da provare

Per scaricare i sorgenti il sito di riferimento e’ sempre kde-apps

Oppure il pacchetto .deb per Kubuntu/ubuntu edgy 6.10 dolphin_0.8.1-1_i386.deb.tar.bz2


– Split view divides the window in two equal sections.

– Updated the documentation how to make Dolphin the default file manager (Michael Austin).

– Updated Estonian translation (Ain Vagula).


– Provide a sidebar for accessing bookmarks and the history. ATTENTION: old bookmarks will get lost by the update, as the Dolphin proprietary format has been exchanged by the XBEL standard (

– Update of documentation including screenshots (Michael Austin).

– Provide a drop down menu in the navigation bar for accessing directories (patch submitted by Aaron J. Seigo).

– Remember view properties also for folders having no write access (e. g. root) (patch submitted by Aaron J. Seigo)

– Provide filter bar (patch submitted by Gregor Kalisnik)

– Don’t differ between fixed and editable bookmarks anymore. Provide sensible defaults but let the user decide.

– Don’t show the volume space widget if the volume space is not available.

– Minor cosmetic fixes in the navigation bar and volume space information.

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