Pare che a breve avremo questa possibilita’. Parola di Mark Shuttleworth,che nel suo blog annuncia la creazione di una comunita’ Ubuntu anche su Second Life.

Mark Shuttleworth:

Catharina Bethlehem wrote to tell me about her work on the Ubuntu community in Second Life. As you might expect, the free and open source meme is very much alive and well in SL. There is now a group looking to setup an island devoted to FLOSS that brings together members of the whole free software community – multiple distributions and upstreams – for virtual socialisation and collaboration. Sounds like cool stuff indeed!

Speaking of which, is anybody actively working on Ubuntu packages for the Second Life client? It would be great to see “sudo apt-get install second-life” DTRT.

A breve potremmo incontrarci su questa isola paradisiaca per scambiarci consigli o stringere,perche’ no,nuove collaborazioni legate al mondo del free software in generale. Volete mettere?..guadagnare soldi ballando sul cubo a forma di UBUNTU???(o Kubuntu che saremme meglio!)

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